Parallel Editions Graduate Bursary Award 2015.

Cathy Cannon studied BA Hons in Fine Art Painting (2011- 2015) at Limerick School of Art and Design, First Class Hons and is currently studying MFA at Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster. Cathy Cannon’s practice concerns the dialogue surrounding painting as a contemporary practice in visual art. The genre of painting is scrutinized through her work, with the aim of developing an intrinsic language with which to analyse the contemporary rhetoric surrounding painting, challenging archetypes in terms of this medium. The topics of the obsolescence of painting and the changing position of this historic medium are ideas which are of significant interest.

Artist Approach

Cathy is interested in painting’s changing language and the problems and solutions which occur as a result of this. Duality and juxtaposition are at the core of her practice. Her work pertains to the curious, playful and the questioning. She employs subtle actions to allow a dialogue to form. Actions such as cramming a huge building, so to speak, into a minute canvas, painting from wall to support, the adjacent positioning of block colours and the adjacent positioning of lines or brush marks comprise the playful, questioning conceptual mechanisms at work. These are the juxtapositions that are at play within her practice. The positioning of painting within architectural space is also a concern regarding her work. She is interested in how architectural space affects a painting and conversely how painting affects an architectural space. This body of work subtly challenges unfolding conversations within the terms of this genre; maintaining a commitment to painting while questioning its position.

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