John Galvin (b. 1982) is a multimedia artist living and working in Limerick. He holds a BA in Fine Art from LSAD and an MA in Music Technology from the University of Limerick. He recently completed a PhD by Practice in New Media Art, also in the University of Limerick. His multi-disciplinary practice includes digital video works, audio-visual installations, visual and sound design for theatre and electroacoustic composition.

His work adapts the methodology of spatial montage, in which many different image materials (photographic, filmic and painting) share a single pictorial space. The results are densely layered, durational works that operate between modernist collage and cinematic realism.

Artist Approach

Central to this methodology is the creation of fractured surfaces where the ‘sutures’ between multiple images (and the different temporalities they represent) are left visible. His works explore a visuality where simultaneity rather than sequentiality is foregrounded – where the relationships between the multi-layered imagery become as important as the imagery itself. The works engage a non-linear temporality, eschewing a causal narrative of ‘before’ and ‘after’ in favour of multiple moments superimposed and co-existing in the present.

Recent works include a suite of video projections for the contemporary opera air india [redacted] (which premiered in Vancouver, Nov. 2015) and the large scale audio-visual installation Palimpsest (Sept. 2014) which was commissioned for the National City of Culture.

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