So, here it is, Parallel Editions has arrived. After twenty four months of an emotional roller coaster we get to present all the editions we have published since we started all in one space. On the 10th of November 2016 Limerick City Gallery host a special launch event and is supported by Dingle Distillery.

We are unbelievably grateful to be in the position we are in, with the support we have received from our families and friends, as well as the partners we have worked with, so to them and special heartfelt thank you. An extended thank you to the Artists, who took a chance and believed in us and listened to us, some great relationships have been formed.

Success isn’t with out its highs and lows, and we’ve have had our fair share, but we’ve also work ed extremely hard to make our vision a reality, to take printmaking to the next level on a national scale but also to situate Irish Printmaking and Contemporary Art within an international context.Printmaking is special for us, as is the collaborative process, working with the artists, translating their thoughts, energy and passion into another media, often unfamiliar to them. Their trust in us has been, unwavering, allowing us to guide them through each of the processes while all the time being aware of staying true to their work, all the time letting their practice dictate how the process evolves. It takes tremendous depth in knowledge that at times has challenged us on many levels, but its what makes it special, adapting, developing, progressing.